I attend GYP 4 days a week at the moment.  It’s great because staff and students all look after each other.  It’s a community.


When I was at school, I would not accept the help that was offered me.  At GYP it was easy to accept help because I was treated like an adult.  I enjoy coming here.  It has inspired me to go the college.  I have been accepted onto a Level 2 Computing course.  I am confident that with the skills I have developed at GYP I will be successful at college.


I’m getting ready to leave GYP now.  My experience here has been fantastic.  I’ve got myself some qualifications from coming here.  The staff are fantastic as well as teachers they are your friends.  They treat you like an adult as well as a child.  They help sort out issues and if you have a problem you can always talk to them in confidence.  They always make sure you’re well looked after, fed and watered.  I enjoy coming to GYP.  Many thanks to Chris, Mr Chris and Carl as well as all the Redwell  centre staff.



I am a new student here; it’s a lot more laid back that I thought it would be.  Unlike school, we are treated as equals to staff.



GYP has been helpful to me: When I first came to GYP I was quite difficult to work with and had been thrown out of school and another alternative project.

My attendance here has been 100%.  There have been good times and bad times but things have always been sorted out.  I have got qualifications and now feel more confident in groups.  I am ready now to move on to do a carpentry course, which is what I have always wanted to do.