“I have been impressed during my time working with GYP at the impact they can have on some of the hardest to reach young people in our community. Their approach fosters development of relationships, mutual respect and self-belief. This leads to progress with social skills, emotional well-being and students managing to certificate in a number of areas. I have been impressed with the way that GYP welcome change and can accommodate our needs at very short notice, adapting to an ever changing educational landscape”

PAUL THORPE-WILLIAMS.   AHT Alternative Provision


Student views

“Staff at GYP are more laid back. They don’t get in your face and that gives me a chance to co-operate”


GYP has been helpful to me: When I first came to GYP I was quite difficult to work with and had been thrown out of school and another alternative project.

My attendance here has been 100%.  There have been good times and bad times but things have always been sorted out.  I have got qualifications and now feel more confident in groups.  I am ready now to move on to do a carpentry course, which is what I have always wanted to do.