Gloucester Youth Project is a complimentary and alternative educational provision. We not only offer activity and vocational based qualifications and group work therapies to young people. We also work closely with their families and other professionals using a holistic and inclusive approach to effect positive and sustainable changes that will improve life chances, increase self-worth and heighten aspirations.

Gloucester Youth Project is particularly helpful to those young people who are at risk of exclusion to help sustain their place in school, and for those who have been excluded from mainstream education to help facilitate a successful transition to further education opportunities or the work place.

  • “I have been impressed during my time working with GYP at the impact they can have on some of the hardest to reach young people in our community. Their approach fosters development of relationships, mutual respect and self-belief. This leads to progress with social skills, emotional well-being and students managing to certificate in a number of areas. I have been impressed with the way that GYP welcome change and can accommodate our needs at very short notice, adapting to an ever changing educational landscape”.                                                                     Paul Thorpe-Williams    AHT Alternative Provision    GFAPS                        


  • “I like GYP because the staff ask you what you’ve been up to and are pleased to see you”

    KS3 Student

  • “I think GYP is good because staff are friendly and interested in what you have to say.”

    KS4 Student